Class Calendar


1. Choose location by filtering in the filter location box and using the downward arrow key.

2. From the calendar, choose your class by clicking on the box of the date of the class you want.

3. Read the description and click continue with registration.

4. When prompted enter in the PROMO code for your facility

  • -- Effective immediately: no food or drink items (open containers) are allowed to be consumed while in the classroom --

    -- Effective immediately: students MUST bring their own mask to class and will be worn at all times during the class --

  • Students who sucessfully register for the course will be receiving an email confirmation that will be sent to the email in which they used to register. We recommend you use your personal email address in the event we need to get a hold of you in cases of emergency, class cancellations, and to receive your card.

5. To cancel this course: 

  • If you need to change the date, or time of your class, or you need to CANCEL your class, please click HERE (students will be given the opportunity to register for another class once they send a cancellation notice) 
  • Please allow up to 24 hours to process your registration or cancellation request

6. If you are having difficulty with registration, you can emaill our office at : 

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General Information

Class Locations

  • Long Beach Memorial Medical Center - 2840 Long Beach Blvd, CA 90806 Columbia Medical Bldg, 4th Floor, Suite 415 Click HERE  to download map.
  • Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center - 18255 Brookhurst, Ste. #102 Foutain Valley Ca 92708 - Mariposa Conf Room Click HERE  to download map


(NEW) Use of Promo Code: 

  • Employees of individual hospitals within the Memorial Healthcare system ARE LIMITED TO COURSE COMPLETION AT THEIR INDIVIDUAL FACILITIES. Employees may only register for courses at their facilities. 
  • Employees must ONLY use the designated promo code for their facility.
  • Employees who register for a course using a nondesignated promo code will be cancelled from the course and MUST re-register for a course at their specific facility.
  • Hospital employees must enter in their hospitals specific PROMO code in order to not be charged for the class   
  • Hospital employees are REQUIRED to show their hospital photo ID to obtain their AHA card.
  • Hospital employees are run through the HR database to confirm employment.
  • Attendees who are not employees will be charged the appropriate fee prior to admission into the class.


Promo Codes are listed for the following hospitals

  • Long Beach Memorial Med Center: LBMMC
  • Orange Coast Memorial Med Center: OCMC